Oakwood Crib … a Team Effort

Three local schools have stepped up to the challenge of creating the Crib figures for The Church on Oakwood this year.  They look absolutely stunning and demonstrate excellent imagination and creativity. Each of the schools was asked to make three figures, with the only guideline being a height restriction of 80cm.

Breadsall Hilltop Junior School gave us Joseph, a shepherd and a King bearing myrrh; Parkview Primary made the baby Jesus, a shepherd and a King bearing frankincense; and St Alban’s Catholic Primary School provided us with Mary, the angel Gabriel and a King with gold.

Considering that each school worked in isolation, the crib tableau shows a remarkably consistent ‘look.’ The figures appear to have been made for each other!

The idea came from our Partnership Group who asked schools with connections to both our congregations to be involved, as a way of demonstrating our unity.

Wht not make the effort to attend one of the services at Oakwood over the Christmas period and take a look yourself.

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