This Sacrament is one of the keystones of Catholic living. We believe that the marriage relationship and family living is the ordinary way in which most people love God and their neighbour. It’s through the Sacrament of marriage that we meet the intimate and faithful self-giving of God.

Couples are invited to give at least 6 months notice of their desire to get married and then they will normally prepare with the help of Marriage Care counselors and our Parish Priest. Please feel welcome to enquire whatever your situation.

If you would like to discuss getting married please contact:

Marriage Difficulties

Difficulties within marriages and relationships are very common, it is also common during these difficulties that couples feel that they may not be welcome in the christian family.  This is not the case.

For those couples experiencing relationship difficulties, speak to our Parish Priest and also please be aware that Marriage Care counsellors are available:


  • Freephone 0800 3893801;
  • email

Marriage Breakdown and Divorce

For those whose first marriage has broken down and who want to remarry it’s can be a sensitive and delicate situation.  Some help is available through the Church’s official legal process of marriage annulment.

Please feel welcome to speak to our Parish Priest about this.  Alternatively, further information is available on the Diocese of Nottingham – Marriage Tribunal web pages.