Many people help and contribute to the creation of liturgy, both in regular masses, high masses of the seasons or other special liturgies, such as; family occasions, Services of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Masses. Some people are very visible in their contributions, others work behind the scenes to ensure that our celebrations run smoothly.

Music Group & Musicians

music groupSt. Alban’s Music Group started life from a need to introduce and establish a contemporary approach to hymns and songs within the Mass. From the outset the aims of the group were to provide a ‘style’ of music designed to encourage participation by the congregation and thus enhance the Mass. This aim is being met with the group leading the liturgy at our Sunday 10.00am Mass.

The music group is continuing to develop all the time ; improving not only in musical quality, but also in ‘singing a new song to the Lord’. In this respect more singers and instrumentalists are always welcomed to join the group.

At our Oakwood Masses musical support is provided by guitar. At our Saturday 6.30pm Mass we generally have a simpler setting of singing without any instrumental accompaniment.

We are always looking for new talent to join our music group, whether you want to provide support to the singing, or if you are able, play an instrument. Extra help would be particularly appreciated at our Saturday 6.30pm Mass and the Oakwood 5.00pm Mass. So don’t be shy;

  • give our Parish Priest a call if you can help on Saturday or Sunday evening,
  • If you would like to join our Sunday 10.00am group have a chat with:
    • Kevin Orrell on (01332) 664152 or;
    • Catherine Green.

Eucharistic Ministers

picture of eucharistic ministersThe parish enjoys the services of approximately 20 or more ‘Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion’ (Eucharistic Ministers) – lay people who assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Masses. Each Minister assists at Sunday (or Saturday evening) Mass on a regular basis.

A number of Ministers also assist at the Weekday Masses or conduct ‘Service of the Word & Holy Communion’ services when no Mass is celebrated.  In addition, several Minsters also visit the sick and housebound, taking Holy Communion to them on a regular basis, such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Ministers are expected to aspire to a level of appreciation, and to the expectation required by the Church in the conduct of this most important Ministry.  Appropriate training is given and Ministers are also expected to attend a session each year that reflects on, and promotes a devotion to the celebration of the Eucharist.  The role of a Eucharistic Minister is open to any adult 18 years or over, who must show that they have the appropriate disposition and discernment. The Catholic Liturgy Office have produced a leaflet for Eucharistic Ministers

Anyone who believes that they have a calling to exercise this Ministry should discuss it with one of the Eucharistic Ministers or the Parish Priest.

Altar Servers

Altar serving is open to anyone who has made their first Holy Communion.   Although the role often appears reserved to young people; boys and girls, men and women are also most welcome!

Altar Servers who have been serving regularly for a suitable period of time are admitted to the Guild of St Stephen, and are awarded the Guild Medal, which is worn around the neck.  The Catholic Liturgy Office have produced a leaflet for Altar Servers

Altar serving is traditionally a very important role in any parish, it allows people to give service to God and to the Parish, and fosters a deeper understanding of the Mass. It can also foster vocations to the priesthood or religious life.

We are always keen to welcome and train new servers, in particular for our Saturday 6.30pm  and Oakwood 5.00pm Masses. If you are interested in becoming a Server, approach the Parish Priest after Mass or contact:

Lay Readers

There are more than 20 Lay Readers across the parish of St. Alban and the Church on Oakwood. They all read on a regular basis in addition to leading the Prayers of Intercession, typically every month.  Full training and support is given on an ongoing basis with generally a number of readers workshops organised each year.

We have very few young people who regularly read, and any young person who is capable will be most welcome to join this important Ministry.  Fear of ‘standing out’ can often prevent volunteers coming forward, but with proper training and support, this Ministry can be very fulfilling. The Catholic Liturgy Office have produced a leaflet for lay readers.

Anyone interested in becoming a Lay Reader should contact:

  • the Parish Priest in the first instance.