St. Alban’s, in common with the other parishes of the Diocese,  is required  to be financially self-sufficient. We rely on the commitment of our members for  their weekly or monthly giving. People normally use Planned Giving Envelopes or Standing Orders to make their contributions.

Each year the Parish Finance Committee publishes a Statement of Account to the Parish. Income received is used for:

  • The support and general expenses of our Parish Clergy;
  • The maintenance, development & general running costs of St Alban’s Church & Presbytery;
  • Annual contribution to the general running and maintenance of The Church on Oakwood;
  • Provision for our Young People and training for our Adult Leaders;
  • Support of St Alban’s Primary School; and
  • Support of Diocesan Agencies: Educational Services, Child Protection, Youth Service, Liturgy, Finance & Property, Marriage Tribunal, Ecumenism, Family and Social Care, Justice & Peace.

As part of the Nottingham Diocese, St. Alban’s has charitable status and is therefore able to claim a tax refund on any contributions received from Tax Payers through Gift Aid or Payroll Giving.

If you are a Tax Payer then simply by filling in a Gift Aid Form we can claim back the basic rate of income tax on any contributions you make.

Many employers operate a Payroll Giving scheme for their employees.  If you enrol in a Company Payroll Giving Scheme your contributions are deducted before Tax by your employer and paid Gross of Tax to your chosen Charity. Additionally some Employers will match their employees’ contributions.  Ask your Payroll Department if such a scheme exists within your company.

Charitable Giving

Throughout the year many people work to raise money and also give to the following charities:

  • The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development is a charity of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.  The charity raises money from the Catholic community through Churches and Schools in England and Wales.We support the charity through various ‘Family Fast Day’ initiatives, money-raising events and general giving.
  • St. Alban’s supports fair trade and is has decided to become a ‘Fairtrade’ Parish.  This means:
    • Serving fairly traded tea and coffee at all meetings and events
    • Running a regular ‘Traidcraft’ stall.
  • The Catholic Children’s Society is supported by our parish through boxes that people have in their house or individual donations.