welcome to survive mivaThis weekend at our masses we welcomed David Blythe and Theresa Codd from the catholic charity “Survive-Miva”.  They shared with us the important nature of their work in developing countries. Theresa shared two stories; one about a grant to purchase a boat in order to navigate a South American river in order to reach distant tribal people.  The other story was about a grant to purchase a Land Rover for an African Medical centre.  The centre is located on roads that become very difficult to travel on in bad weather.  The vehicle will help medical aid reach villages up to 70 miles away.

The mission of Survive-Miva provide transport for missionaries to help people in hard to
reach areas. If you woul like to read more then follow this link:  You can learn more about the organisation and find back copies of their newsletters.

Finally if you would like to gift aid your donation, we have envelopes in the foyer, simply put them in the basket next weekend 15th/16th Feb.


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