Servers Enroled into the Guild of St. Stephen

This weekend seven of our altar servers were enroled into the Guild of St Stephen and presented with a bronze medal of honour. All of the servers have been serving at the altar for over 12 months now.

Guild enrolment 24th November 2012

Enrolment took place at our Saturday evening vigil mass…

Guild enrolment 25th November 2012

…and at our 10.00am Sunday Mass

Congratulations to Joseph Boyle, Joseph Cox, Olivia Cuomo, Peter Softley, Thomas Wilkinson, Charles Wilson, and Thomas Wyatt. We thank them for their continued hard work and commitment. Well done!


Servers Enroled into the Guild of St. Stephen — 3 Comments

  1. Many congratulations to the newly enrolled servers to the Guild of St. Stephen. Their commitment and service at Mass,to the Priest and Parish is much appreciated. God bless you all.

  2. I am a member of the Guild in Melbourne Australia and we have a black shoe code when serving mass Just noticed from the photo above that the young children servers have sand shoes on is this found wanting in all the parish churches in England.

    • Hi Martin
      We have considered black shoe codes. However on balance we prefer to just ask the servers to arrive promptly, clean and tidy and to do their best. We don’t want the fact that some children don’t have black shoes to be a barrier to faithful service. I’m not really sure about other parishes but I think that there will be a mix.

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