Readings 01/01/13


Luke emphasizes that the Holy Family do all ‘according to the Law of Moses’ and therefore the child is brought on the eighth day for his circumcision and naming. The scene immediately previous to this contrasts the ‘noise’ of the shepherds with the inner reflection of Mary. The ‘heart’ in the Scriptures means the seat of memory, intellect and will- it is not just the emotion of the events therefore that Mary treasures (Luke 2:16-21). St. Paul is clear in this section of the Galatians that God’s son is really sent by God and born ‘of a woman’. He goes on to argue that through this subjection to the Law, the Son frees others from it so that we are all adopted sons (Galatians 4:4-7). The blessing of Aaron contains the rich meaning of Hebrew blessings – that the Lord reveals himself to cause growth and life and gives grace (hen) and peace (shalom) (Numbers 6:22-27).

The hermeneutical rules given by Dei Verbum are followed by chapter on the Old Testament. This begins by a statement of how God chose a certain people for the salvation of all and by covenants with Abraham, Moses and all the people revealed himself in words and deeds (DV 14). This revelation continues in the incarnation and birth of Jesus the Son of God from the Virgin Mary.

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