Poem for Fr John Martin

At Sunday Mass on 4th August Ronnie Smith presented Fr John with a poem that he had written for him to celebrate his Ordination.  Here it is:

The Ordination of Father John Joseph Martin

Thirteenth of July twenty thirteen is the day that Deacon John was Ordained a Priest;
A nicer man you will not meet should you travel North and South and West to East;
In Nottingham Cathedral this Holy man stood before the Bishop proud and humble;
As he made his responses in a voice so clear and without a murmur or a stumble;

The Congregation prayed and watched with great anticipation
As our Bishop Malcolm carried out Deacon John’s Ordination;
The Ordination is now complete and Deacon John is now a Priest;
He took his place with his Brother Priests to Con-celebrate the Eucharistic Feast;

Mass was over and the Clergy processed down the aisle to applause and cheers;
I do not know how Father John managed to hold back the tears;
He waved and shook hands as he passed along and had a smile so big and wide;
As his Mother and family and all his friends were full of pride;

When you came here to St. Alban’s the people took you to their hearts;
In our Parish life you really played your part;
We will not forget you Father John throughout the coming years;
Please be assured that you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless you Father John

Composed by
Ronnie Smith 

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