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Parish Visit to Oscott College – a Poem by Ronnie Smith

We went on a Parish trip Oscott College for to see;
A warm welcome was received when we arrived with coffee cakes and tea;
Father Paul was with us too and he looked full of dread,
As thoughts of his days there came rushing to his head;

A briefing now was given of what we would do today;
This merry band of visitors to the Museum made their way;
The Museum is full of things from days of yore;
Never have I seen such beautiful artefacts before;

The Library was next on our college tour with books of every type and size;
If all the books contained in there were piled up I think they’d reach up to the skies;
The people lingered here and took the chance to rest their weary bones;
Soon it would be time to move on and leave behind those many tomes;

Chapel was the next place that we went and beautiful Carvings we were shown there;
Free time was had for us to wander round the Chapel as we had some time to spare;
The scent of incense filled the air; as we assembled for evening prayer;
The organ played Thine Be The Glory as our singing filled the Chapel air;

Benediction now took place and we bowed our heads in reverence;
The Priest held aloft the Blessed Sacrament as the air was filled with sweet incense;
Very soon the Evening Prayer would be coming to an end and as we said Amen;
We wish the students all the very best and hope that we might visit here again.

Composed by

Ronnie Smith

See also Photographs and Article by Fran Wickes.

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