Good Friday Walk of Witness

As is our tradition the Good Friday Walk of Witness began at St. Philip’s Anglican Church on Taddington Road………..

Here we listened to the beginning of Jesus’ Passion – the Agony in the Garden and His betrayal and arrest. The first candle is extinguished.

After prayers of confession and the first verse of ‘Where you there when they crucified my Lord’ we followed The Cross down through Chaddesden to Sussex Circus (an open space and play area close to a shopping parade).

As we gathered around The Cross we heard the Rev. Peter Bates compare the tradition of giving eggs at Easter to the idea that eggs also contain chicks, and chicks are a sign of new life and hope for the future – which is what the message of Easter is all about

Following Prayers of Thanksgiving and the hymn ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’ we continued our witness down to St. Alban’s Catholic Church on Roe Farm Lane.

Here we heard how Jesus was brought before Pilate, chosen by the people to be crucified and led out to be crucified amidst the mockery of the soldiers. A crown of thorns is placed on the altar and the second candle is extinguished

After Prayers of Intercession and the second verse of ‘Were you there…’ we again followed The Cross – to Mayfield Road Methodist Church.

Here we heard the re-telling of the final, dramatic crucifixion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The third candle is extinguished and a hammer is placed on the altar, and we completed the hymn and said Prayers of Dedication At this point a new Candle of Hope was lit and the service ended with a closing prayer and blessing.

To complete our witness we moved through to the community hall for hot cross buns, tea and coffee, and fellowship with our fellow Christians.

Photographs courtesy of Rev. Michael Futers, with thanks.

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