Altar Servers Visit to Whitby September 2013

CSC_0015On Tuesday 3rd September the adult leaders gathered their energies for a days outing with our altar servers to Whitby.  We met at St. Alban’s and set off at around 8am with three cars full of young people.  We had a clear run and apart from the need for a few tiddle stops had good journey…arriving mid morning.

We parked on the north cliffs and walked down into the harbour area.  It was quickly evident that we were going to have a great weather day for a September outing.

Once at the harbour we couldn’t get far without the kid’s pocket money needing to be spent on ice cream and candies.  That done we went into the Whitby Dracula Experience.  Most of our young people were brave enough to make it through the shrills and screaming to the exit.  We then headed for a pirate ship, which took us on a fantastic trip around Robin Hoods bay.  The kids loved it, and we didn’t lose any overboard!

With such good weather we decided to spend the afternoon on the beach.  It was difficult to keep the kids out of the sea.  Following the initial body freezing entry into sea they spent ages in it, laughing, splashing, teasing, swimming and having generally a great time.  Indeed they enjoyed it so much that we struggled to persuade them to actually come out as the afternoon wore on.

DSC_1005We had fun making our way back to the cars, stopping for tea and ice creams, and then on for a fish and chip supper (or burgers, or indeed anything that was on the menu).  We set off back to Derby arriving all tired at 9pm ish.

All in all our young people and the adults had a great time in Whitby, what a lovely place.  See some of our pictures here.

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