The Christian people of Oakwood together with our Church Leaders

  • The Anglican Bishop of Derby
  • The Roman Catholic Bishop of Nottingham
  • The East Midlands Provincial Moderator of the United Reformed Church
  • The Chairman of the Nottingham and Derby Methodist District

WE BELIEVE that GOD is one and that there is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism and that He calls us to be One in JESUS CHRIST by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. We believe that Jesus Christ revealed to us, on the cross and through his resurrection, God’s love and the mystery of reconciliation.

We believe that the unity of Christ’s followers is both a gift to be enjoyed and a task to be pursued.

WE COVENANT together to serve our Lord, our Church and our area with the intention of making more visible the unity of Christ’s people in Oakwood.


  • Pray and worship together regularly
  • Offer mutual friendship and encouragement in our personal and ecumenical journeys of faith
  • Explore the Holy Scriptures together
  • Learn more about and value more deeply our different spiritual traditions
  • Welcome and guide all who seek to know Christ
  • Proclaim by word and deed the saving power of Christ to all we meet
  • Cooperate with one another and with other agencies in caring for the whole Oakwood community
  • Look for ways to develop common training and Christian education
  • Create opportunities for all Christians in Oakwood to meet together socially
  • Maintain and develop the building entrusted to our care
  • Review this Covenant every five years

Aware of our own weaknesses we will pray continually for the strength of the Holy Spirit to help us fulfill this Covenant to the glory of God and the completion of His purpose.


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