Suspension of Public Masses — 4 Comments

  1. thanks be to God for this information we will hold up our parish and fr. David in prayer
    until we can next meet God bless

  2. Thank you Father for the Mass today.
    I am a parishioner of Our Lady and St.Thomas.Ilkeston Please can you remember in your Prayers my husband, Eric Severn who has to stay isolated for twelve weeks. Thank you Father. Margaret Severn

    • Hi Margaret, I’ve made Fr David aware of your comment and he will definitely keep your husband Eric in his prayers. Simon

  3. Thank you so much.
    Here we are in the third Lockdown
    I have been watching Mass from St Albans every week, except for last week, really missed Father David but he certainty deserved the break. My husband, Eric had the first Covid injection Christmas Eve so please God we will soon have a little bit of normality in our lives again.
    Thank you all at St Albans for all your hard work streaming the Mass’s God Bless you all Stay safe ♥

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