Christian Unity 2013

On the Wednesday of Christian Unity week we held a service at the Church on Oakwood. Despite the terrible weather we were heartened to have over 30 attending from churches throughout Chaddesden and Oakwood. It was a true sign of ecumenism that we were able to gather as one community to worship Christ and to pray for the unity of all christians across the globe.

This year the Christians of India produced the theme for the service and spoke especially of their desire to eradicate the caste system and the injustices centred around it. 80% of all Indian Christians have a Dalit background, this is the lowest caste and its members were once known as the “untouchables” and are subjected to much discrimination – we prayed that one day this discrimination and similar discriminations around the world will be on more.

Our service focused on the question “What does God require of us?” and was answered by the words from Micah -“to do Justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God”.

Deacon John Martin talked to us about our uniqueness and that Gods love was surely tailored to our individual talents and needs; and finished by leading us in a communal ‘pat on the back’ for being the best Christians we could be!

The evening ended with tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits and a great deal of chat! A lovely end to a wonderful gathering.

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