St Alban’s Parish Pilgrimage to St Alban’s Cathedral

On Saturday 24th September, 32 people from the Parish of St Alban visited the shrine of our patron saint at St Alban’s Cathedral in Hertfordshire. The Cathedral is truly magnificent, and contains outstanding examples of medieval woodwork, decorations and sculptures. … Continue reading

We celebrate our different communities on Racial Justice Sunday

Christian Churches throughout Britain celebrated the 20th anniversary of Racial Justice Sunday this weekend. Since 1995, Christians have set the second Sunday in September aside as an opportunity to consider issues of racial justice and pray for peace and acceptance … Continue reading

Good Friday Liturgies – ‘Our Sins Were the Sins You Bore’

Today we marked Good Friday with the three o’clock Solemn Liturgy at St Alban’s Church and a Stations of the Cross service at the Church on Oakwood.The events of that first ‘Good’ Friday take us to a dark place, it … Continue reading